Exam and Eyeglasses

eyeglassesandexams_mainYour eye exam includes a prescription for eyeglasses and a thorough evaluation of your eyes by your Portland optometrist, Dr. Adelman.  Discussion regarding preventive care for your ocular health and recommendations from the optometrist to keep you seeing your best are an integral part of your eye exam.  We import Japanese eyeglass frames ourselves from independent makers, so not only are the eyeglasses at our office a great value, they are also the most unique collection you'll find.

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Contact Lenses

contacts_mainAn exam for contact lenses is a little different than a regular eye exam.  Your optometrist will first determine the shape of your corneas and select the contact lenses that provide maximum comfort and clearest vision.  We are proud of our ability to fit patients with contact lenses for astigmatism, dry eye, and multifocal prescriptions. Your Portland optometrist is experienced in the use of specialized scleral contact lenses to restore vision loss from keratoconus or corneal transplant.

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Medical Eye Care

eyeexams_mainWe provide a wide range of medical eye services including pink eye treatment, macular degeneration management, glaucoma treatment, diabetic eye exam and management of diabetic retinopathy, dry eye treatment, as well as pre and post-surgical management of Lasik eye surgery and cataract surgery procedures. Dr. Adelman treats most conditions in-office, and draws on a strong network of Portland optometrist and ophthalmologist colleagues to ensure you receive the best possible care.

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