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Does Blue Light Damage the Eye?

Blue Light Damage

The LEDs used in our digital devices emit light that is shifted toward the blue spectrum.  Recent experimental as well as observational studies have shown that intense or sustained blue light exposure can cause retinal damage in animals.  In response

Another Reason for Kids to Play Outside

time outside and myopia prevention

Figuring out why people become nearsighted (myopic), and how to keep them from becoming more so, has been a goal of eye doctors for some time now. Over the years, we’ve tried a wide variety of strategies such as having

Looking back on why we look forward: A special research series by Adam Glover, Part 6

Research Conclusions The evolution of anteriorly directed eyes and orbital convergence thus has been hypothesized to have been functionally related to locomotion, feeding behavior, and the detection/avoidance of predators, and many of these arguments continue to this day. The three