Prescription Sunglasses

We have a large selection of frames that work great for prescription sunglasses.  One important consideration when choosing a frame to use for prescription sunglasses is how well the design of the frame blocks sunlight entering your eyes from the sides.  The best choices for prescription sunglasses are either frames that wrap around your face, or frames with larger temples that block peripheral light.

This blockage of peripheral light rays is important for two reasons.  The first is ocular health.  The main reason we recommend prescription sunglasses is due to the connection between ultraviolet light exposure and eye disease, especially the formation of cataracts.

The cornea (the clear dome-shaped, front part of the eye) acts to bend peripheral light rays toward the lens inside your eye.  Inside your eye there is a lens.  The clouding of this lens inside your eye is what is referred to as a cataract.  This clouding of the lens is associated with exposure to ultraviolet light.  If your prescription sunglasses only block light rays that are coming toward your eyes from straight in front of you, you will still be getting a good deal of ultraviolet light exposure from light rays coming in from the sides of your prescription sunglasses and being bent by your cornea so they pass onto and through the lens inside your eye.

You will notice when you visit our office that most of our frames for prescription sunglasses do not have dark lenses in them.  This is due to the fact that if frames are purchased for prescription sunglasses with dark lenses already in them, then those dark lenses must be thrown away if used for prescription sunglasses.  Not only is this wasteful, the cost of these discarded lenses must be passed on to the patient.  Therefore, we prefer to stock a wide selection of frames for prescription sunglasses and many different lens samples in all the shades and colors available, and let you create your own perfect pair of prescription sunglasses by mixing and matching frame style, lens shade, and color.

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