Cigna Vision Insurance

Cigna Vision Providers

We are in-network Cigna vision providers.  If you would like to use your Cigna vision benefits at our office, just make sure to choose Cigna on the vision insurance section of our website.  Please include your vision coverage policy identification number as well and we’ll be able to have your vision insurance benefits verified for you before your visit to our office.

Cigna vision coverage usually includes exam coverage with a small copay.  Contact lens evaluation and, if necessary, fitting by the eye doctor generally requires a larger copay, so you may want to check with our front desk first before your visit so you can budget accordingly.  This vision insurance plan generally also provides a set amount that may be used toward eyeglasses or the purchase of contact lenses.  Usually it is either the eyeglasses or the contact lenses that will be covered and you must pay out of pocket for the not covered item if you are wanting to get both glasses and contacts.  We will review with you your options so you can maximize your Cigna vision insurance by having your insurance plan pay for the more expensive item and paying out of pocket for the less expensive item.

We are also in-network providers for Cigna medical plans in addition to Cigna vision plans.  This means that if you have any eye emergency or chronic ocular disease, you can receive treatment at the same office where you receive routine vision care and materials.  This is not only more convenient, but it helps to have the same eye doctor monitoring your routine vision needs as well as any emergencies or chronic conditions.

If you have any questions, you can reach Cigna vision insurance customer service at 877.478.7557, or we can always contact them on your behalf.