Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses

Computer glasses present a special problem because computer (and cell phone) screens are usually a little farther away than we would hold a book or paper when reading, so eyeglasses used for reading focus a little too close.  Distance glasses on the other hand, focus too far away and leave things on the computer screen blurry.  Bifocals don’t help because they are just a distance lens on top with a near lens below.  Progressive lenses were designed to provide some of this intermediate area, but the hourglass-shaped design of conventional progressives leaves the intermediate distance area in the thinnest-middle portion of the hourglass.

We have a variety of options for computer glasses that do a much better job of dealing with the issues discussed above.  Often the best option is just to use one of our better progressive lenses as your computer glasses as well as your everyday glasses.  Because our higher quality progressive lenses can be personalized to your prescription and lifestyle, we can make the intermediate distance (computer) area much wider than is possible with conventional progressive lenses.  We also are able to create what are called occupational progressive lenses in which most of the lens is optimized for near and intermediate work with only a smaller distance area at the top of the lens used for walking around the office.  These are a great option for computer glasses to keep at your office.  For extended computer use, where you will constantly be scanning across computer screens at a fixed distance, we can create computer glasses optimized for just that distance as well.

Computer Glasses and Blue Light Emissions

Computer screens also emit light that is weighted more toward the higher energy blue spectrum.  Long term exposure to this type of light source can cause fatigue and some recent studies have linked blue light exposure to development of eye disease (although it is important to note that the exposure amounts used in the studies were much higher than exposure from normal use of electronic devices).  Therefore, we also offer special lenses that change the weighting of the spectrum of light reaching your eye away from the blue spectrum to both improve contrast and reliability, but also to protect your eyes from effects (known and unknown) of extended exposure to these light sources which are relatively new relative to the evolution of our eyes.

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