Miraflex, Eyeglasses for Children

Miraflex GlassesMiraflex is our favorite line of eyeglasses for children.  One visitor to our office, who tried Miraflex glasses for her children told us that she felt that “it’s child abuse to put children in any other eyeglasses.”  While that’s not exactly how we’d phrase it, at Portland Eye Care, we prefer these frames for our own children as well.

The great thing about Miraflex frames is that there are no metal parts and so the frames are very safe.  If a child falls off a bike or gets hit with a dodge ball in the face, the plastic material of the frame is much more forgiving than a children’s metal frame would be.  All the frames come with a strap so they stay on well during recess or physical education class.  While we recommend true protective sports goggles for competitive sports, These frames work great for school, recess, and play, when children aren’t likely to switch to sports goggles but want frames that will work for both active play and allow for comfortable vision in the classroom.

Miraflex Glasses for KidsMiraflex frames are available in a variety of colors.  In addition to a wide selection of Miraflex frame styles, we also keep a set of material samples in all the colors available for every frame in case a child wants to order a special color for his or her eyeglasses.

One thing to note when trying on Miraflex glasses is that they will feel very light on your child’s face when trying the frames on before we have put their prescription lenses in the frames.  This is because the frame material is so light that they kind of need the weight of the prescription lenses to properly sit on the child’s face.  Once the lenses are inserted into the frame, this feeling of the frames not being heavy enough goes away.