eye doctor servicesEye Exam  A comprehensive eye exam with the eye doctor includes vision testing and evaluation of ocular health, for a routine exam we generally reserve 45 minutes for your appointment, though generally eye exams take about 30 minutes.

Contact Lens Exam  Contact lens exams are a little more involved than standard eye exams in that they also include the evaluation of your contact lenses by the eye doctor and, if necessary, the fitting of contact lenses.  Fees depend on complexity (i.e. we charge a little less when we are evaluating lenses for a prior wearer to renew their prescription and a little more for a new wearer or a prior wearer changing to a new type or power of contact lenses).

Dry Eye Treatment  Dry eye treatment involves finding the cause of the dry eye condition and selecting the best treatment together with your eye doctor.  Dry eye treatments may include nutitional supplement, punctal occlusion, pharmacological agents, etc.

Cataract Surgery Management  From pre-surgical evaluation and referral to our trusted cataract surgeon to post-surgical follow-up with the eye doctor at our office, we work with you to ensure the best possible visual outcome.

Glaucoma Treatment  Glaucoma is generally painless and affects peripheral vision first.  Therefore, it can go on undetected for years and only be noticed when it becomes advanced or diagnosed by an eye doctor during an eye exam.  For this reason, all routine eye exams include glaucoma testing.  If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma we will work with you to treat it appropriately to preserve your vision.

Macular Degeneration Care  We will work with you to assess your risk of macular diagnosis and discuss preventive steps you can take or appropriate treatments if you are diagnosed with macular degeneration.

Diabetic Eye Care  All patients with diabetes should see their eye doctor at least once a year, and more often if their status requires closer monitoring.  Your eye doctor will work with your primary care provider and endocrinologist to help you manage this condition that is one of the leading causes of vision loss.

Pink Eye Treatment  Eyes can turn red for a number of reasons from viral, bacterial, or fungal infection to noninfectious inflammatory conditions.  Your eye doctor will help find the cause of the redness and treat it appropriately.

Keratoconus Treatment  At Portland Eye Care, we are particularily proud of our work with keratoconus patients to provide clear vision with specialty scleral contact lenses and hybrid contact lenses.

Orthokeratology  Your eye doctor can help you to decide if orthokeratology is a good option for you.  If so, you may be able to wear contacts only at night and take them off in the morning and see clearly all day.

Myopia Prevention  Much research has been done recently regarding myopia prevention, and some good options have been developed to keep children and teens from becoming more nearsighted.  Talk with your eye doctor during your exam if you are interested in this for yourself or children

Lasik Pre-Post-Surgical Care  Your eye doctor at Portland Eye Care will be with you from pre-surgical evaluation to post-surgical follow-up if you elect to undergo Lasik or another refractive surgery procedure.

Vision Therapy  We offer vision therapy at Portland Eye Care for conditions that have been shown in research to respond well to this therapy.