Health Management Administrators (HMA)

We gladly accept Health Management Administrators (HMA) insurance at Portland Eye Care.  While your benefits will depend on your plan, generally routine eye exams will be covered and there will be an allowance for you to use toward the purchase of glasses or contacts.  For most plans this means that insurance will cover glasses or contacts, but not both.  If you need both glasses and contact lenses, we’ll help you figure out which one would be best to utilize your insurance on, and which would be better paid out of pocket.   Your plan may not cover the professional services fee for contact lens evaluation by the eye doctor, but some plans will allow you to use your materials allowance to cover this fee.

We always try to verify your Health Management Administrators benefits before your appointment so you’ll know exactly what your plan covers, so please make sure to fill out the online form with your insurance info and health history so we can contact your insurance company on your behalf.  When we contact them, the HMA system will ask for your full name, date of birth, and identification or policy number.  If you are receiving benefits through a family member’s plan, then include their full name, date of birth, and identification as well.

Health management administrators is based in Bellevue Washington.  They were founded in 1986 in the Pacific Northwest.    They provide a wide range of plans in networks all across the United States.  They state that their mission is to provide flexible solutions for insurance while supporting their community and employees.

HMA can be contacted at 1-800-869-7093 if you have any questions regarding your benefits.  You can also always call our office directly if you have any other questions regarding your Health Management Administrators eye care benefits.