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Handmade Japanese Glasses Frame: Titanium Frame Covered in Colored Acetate Wrapping

Japanese Handmade Titanium Eyeglass Frame on Washi Paper

Titanium Glasses Frame with Colored Acetate Wrapping Above is one of our favorite new eyeglass frames from Japan.  It is light, strong, and comfortable due to its titanium construction.  The titanium frame has then been hand wrapped in a tortoise-shell,

Funky Glasses from Japan

Retro Future Funky Glasses by Factory 900

Funky Glasses from Japan Here’s some of the funky glasses we’re bringing back from Japan to Portland Eye Care.  These glasses will be available in mid-July in the optical area of our office.  They are all hand-made and exclusive to our

Visiting interesting eyeglasses design house (combination acetate titanium frames)

Visiting titanium and plastic eyeglasses design house

We’re still in Japan visiting eyeglass designers, craftsman, and factories.  Today’s company was interesting in that they are using titanium as a base and then crafting acetate plastics around the titanium so the frame has the strength and lightness of