Visiting interesting eyeglasses design house (combination acetate titanium frames)

Visiting titanium and plastic eyeglasses design house

We’re still in Japan visiting eyeglass designers, craftsman, and factories.  Today’s company was interesting in that they are using titanium as a base and then crafting acetate plastics around the titanium so the frame has the strength and lightness of titanium, but also the color and feel of the cotton-based acetate plastic.

We’ll post more of our interview with the manager pictured above with Dr. Adelman soon, as he has an interesting story regarding where their company came from and the history of some of their partners (they actually made what look like playing cards featuring the artisan with 50 years experience polishing eyeglass temples or the craftsman with 40 years experience installing the hinges of the eyeglasses…

Optometrist at Portland Eye Care.