Handmade Japanese Glasses Frame: Titanium Frame Covered in Colored Acetate Wrapping

Titanium Glasses Frame with Colored Acetate Wrapping

Japanese Handmade Titanium Eyeglass Frame on Washi Paper

Above is one of our favorite new eyeglass frames from Japan.  It is light, strong, and comfortable due to its titanium construction.  The titanium frame has then been hand wrapped in a tortoise-shell, cotton-based plastic known as acetate to give it a depth and color not possible with a frame constructed only of metal.

Here, the frame sits on a piece of traditional Japanese paper, called “washi.”  This particular frame should start being available at Portland Eye Care in late summer of 2018.  This type of round, combined materials frame, is currently very popular with the more fashion conscious Japanese men and women, and we’re looking forward to having it in our office as well soon.

While we do have a wide selection of frames.  We take a special pride in offering these unique, handmade Japanese eyeglass frames, usually not available anywhere else in the United States.

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