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Distracted by Monkeys While Buying Japanese Eyeglass Frames


We’re still in Japan buying new styles of glasses frames to bring back to our office.  Yesterday I went out for a jog around the area of Japan where most of the eyeglass factories are, and two monkeys ran right

Japanese Eyeglasses, Making the Mold

After the frame is designed, a mold most be made of each part. It is important that the mold be of high quality and able to keep its shape over multiple uses so frame pieces will fit together seamlessly.

We’re in another Japanese Eyeglasses frame factory today.  Today they’re showing us how they make the molds for the metal parts of the frames.  One of the reasons metal frames (especially Titanium) often cost more than acetate (a cotton cellulose

Japanese Eyeglasses, Shaping of the Frame Front

Factory owner explaining frame front shaping process

Today we’re at another Japanese eyeglass frame factory.  The owner is explaining to us what can be done by machine and what must be done by hand when they are shaping the frame front to create the design we’re looking