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Upcoming Events in SE Portland: Division Clinton Street Fair and Bike to Shop

division clinton street fair at optometrist office 2016

We’re looking forward to the Street Fair and Bike to shop events.  During both events we’ll be giving 50% off lens care products (microfiber cloths, cleaning spray, eyeglass cases).  There should be more music and bands this year for the street

And the winner is… 727452

Pulling Portland Eye Care Float

Congratulations to the holder of the Portland Eye Care raffle ticket 727452, passed out during today’s 2015 Division Street Fair.  You are the winner of $50 towards the purchase of a complete pair of eyeglasses at Portland Eye Care.  Just

Division Street Fair $50 Towards Glasses Raffle

Come on down for the Division Street Fair today, July 25th, and see the Portland Eye Care float.  We’ll be passing out free raffle tickets at our office and to folks along the parade route.  Check our website Saturday night